Close your eyes. Dream about where green and blue meet, among the orange, lemon and pomegranate trees and the beautiful scent of flowers. Dream that you breathe this wonderful air.

There is no stress, no noise, no traffic; only peace. In the mornings you are woken by birdsong and cocks crowing. Maybe before breakfast you walk along the beach, and have an early morning swim; then delicious breakfast . Then read a book in a hammock in the shade of the orange trees to the sound of the cicadas. Then its time for a lazy day at the beach, swimming in the sparkling blue sea.

While you are enjoying all this, your dinner is being prepared for you for the evening. Güneş pansiyon is waiting for you in Çıralı, with it’s lush garden like the garden of Eden. We invite you to come and make your dreams come true and go home with wonderful memories.

Cirali Village, Ulupinar, Kemer / Turkey
+90 242 825 71 61

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